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Precision direct marketing solutions for online and offline campaigns

Omni Point has the core competencies to creates
and implement a single or end-to-end digital marketing
solution that will help your business succeed.

No matter how large or small your project is, we know
each email we send deserves nothing less than our
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Whether you are a small company looking to expand your market share or looking for solutions to contact and retain your existing client more effectively, we can help you achieve your desired outcome.

Are you looking for 21 flavors and more? If so, keeping looking! We do 3 flavors: Email, Data and Telecom and we do them extremely well…

Unlike many other companies that overexert themselves, we stick to our core expertise.

Products & Services

Email & Data:

Email Marketing:

Omni Point provides acquisition email advertising services that deliver measurable value and return on investment. Inherent in these uniquely effective services is Omni Point’s ability to consistently deliver email advertisements to an infinite consumer population; including Zip Code level geographic targeting. We successfully bridge the gap between postal and digital. Omni Point has effectively brought direct mail to the internet and enabled acquisition email advertising to reach its fullest potential.

Using our proprietary data sets on consumers and businesses, Omni Point helps our clients achieve their acquisition and branding goals by harnessing the power of 280 million permission based consumer email addresses available with matching postal information.

Conquest Automotive:

Conquest Automotive is the ability to get your message to the right buyer at the right time by matching technology with our dynamic opt-in database. Consumers only buy cars every few years, timing is everything when conquesting!

Our platform allows dealers to reach potential customers in their primary market through targeted turnkey marketing solutions.

Data – B2B:

B2B Data databases double in size almost every year. We have over 80 million unique business contacts.

Marketing and sales professionals have been using our data extensively to make a significant impact to expand their marketing. Whether it be an email campaign, postal mailing, sales dialer, or simple phone call, our data will get you in contact with interested prospects. Our B2B marketing data works great for business to business services and marketing campaigns.

Directly connect with decision makers without having to deal with the hassle of cold calling.

Data – B2C:

Our database consists of over 280 million consumer records, each having up to 400 demographic selects.

Omni Point’s database has been used for many years to boost our client’s outbound marketing efforts. Our data will get you in contact with interested customers whether it be an email campaign, postal mailing, sales dialer, or simple phone call. 

Data is consistently being added and scrubbed into our B2C marketing data pool on a monthly basis. Through this process, we have been able to acquire tens of millions of valid records. Consumers can be acquired by location, interest, or many other target specific interests. Our database will put you in touch with your exact target audience.

Data Append:

Why the need to append your current customer database? Due to the increasing costs of direct mail, finding a cost-effective approach to communicate with your customers is imperative to your company’s growth. Our database appending services will help you overcome your marketing challenges and help you succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Appending your database allows you to obtain email addresses to reach customers through what has become an increasingly sought after direct marketing medium.


Press One / Power Dialing:

Target your prospects with the power of automated dialing. Send informative custom messages to thousands of people simultaneously. When the call is answered, a pre-recorded message is played for the recipient. They have the option to be connected to your live agent or be to be removed from further contact. You control the dial rate and speed. Real time stats. Built in time zone controls.

Scalability: Send a single message or thousands instantly! With Voice Broadcasting, the net you cast is as big or small as you want it to be. You have complete control to throttle your campaign dialing in real time.

Reach out and connect to someone today!

Predictive Dialing:

A predictive dialer dials a list of telephone numbers and connects answered calls to live agents. Predictive dialers use statistical algorithms to minimize the time that agents spend waiting between calls, while minimizing the occurrence of someone answering when no agent is available.

Predictive Dialing price is based on a monthly agent rate and per minute cost. Predictive dialers are generally used by call centers of 5 or more agents.

You can expect to pay: $80.00 per Agent seat, $0.0215 Outbound minutes, $0.0495 Inbound toll-free minutes. If you need a turn-key solution, contact us today.

Phone # Verification:

If you have a large database of phone numbers that are in need of hygiene clean up, we can help. We can dial the phone numbers and verify if they are still valid and in service. We can also distinguish if they are fax numbers and tag them appropriately.

This is a fantastic service if you are a lead gen/data provider market. This will clean up your database, allowing you to sell and deliver valid phone numbers to your clients while reducing the need to issues credits and refunds for invalid leads. In most cases, we can process and return your files back to you within a few days.

Live Call Transfers:

The proven way to increase revenue and expand your customer base.

With Live Transfers, you don’t have to reach out to your leads—The leads come to you!

We will contact the prospects for you, our US based call centers will verify and validate their interest. Once they are confirmed, the prospect is transferred directly into your Call Center, so your team can close the sale.

Inbound / Outbound Call Centers:

If you need live outsourced BPO (USA based) call fronters, customer service support or sales agents for inbound or outbound applications, we have the right solution for you. If you need English speaking live agents to properly represent your brand and image, call us today. 

Build customer appreciation and loyalty by firing Bob; “This is Bob, from Ohio” (Bob, who can’t spell Bob or point out where Ohio is on the map).

Be American, buy American and support American jobs!

If you are looking US based operators for your inbound and outbound call center needs, look no further!

With over 25 years of experience satisfying our customers marketing needs, we value your time and ours. We reserve the right to be selective in the clients that we work with. Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service and results while charging a fair and reasonable rate.

What we offer:

Quality Client Experience:

We listen to your needs and requirements and will offer you the most effective solution to attain your goals. We are all about building long-term clients and friends.



You can’t build a house without a blueprint. We help you define what to say and when to say
it. Best of all, we can execute too!


Click and open rate reports are old school. See real-time performance of your campaigns with our interactive reporting dashboard. We tailor beautiful and meaningful reports.


High Standards:

Our motto is “CANI”, consistent and never ending improvement. As you will see, we have the Kaizen touch!





Omni Point has the core competencies to create and implement a single or end-to-end digital-marketing solutions that will help your business succeed. We know that the marketing and data landscapes are constantly evolving with new technologies that present new channels for interacting with customers. We are proud of the fact that we are a proven industry leader with over 25 years of experience and that we are able to assess and exceed your short-term and long-term solutions. Our unique resourcing, strategy and campaign-level solutions are designed to give you the market advantage and penetration your business needs to succeed. We balance thinking “big” with thinking pragmatically, helping you create and deliver best-in-breed campaigns, strategies and processes.